1. Honoring a Bird: March 21st, 2001

  2. Horrible Names For Children

  3. Gets Nasty

  4. Coffee After the Jammerz

  5. Milwaukee Architecture: Vol V

  6. Milwaukee Architecture: Vol IV

  7. Milwaukee Architecture: Vol III

  8. MIlwaukee Architecture: Vol 2

  9. Milwaukee Architecture: Vol. 1

  10. ar b ok alou

  11. Vinegar Strokes Van Snorkeler's "Snackula in 3D" (Original Score)

  12. Big Time Weepers

  13. Snow Beast Live!

  14. Not This Jason Soliday, the Other Jason Soliday- Live from the Jazz Gallery, 7/20/19

  15. Fine With His Phil Collinsness- Live from Nausicaa, 2/27/19

  16. The Luxurious Noise Set- Live from the Jazz Gallery, 11/8/2018

  17. In Which Peter Goes All Wes Borland (Live from Quarter's Rock And Roll Palace- September 16th, 2016)

  18. Baby Blue Collar- Live from the Borg Ward, 1/17/15

  19. Frames Jay for Murder- Live from Peter J Woods Fest (featuring Ryan J Bollis), Franks Power Plant, 4/18/14

  20. To Mondays, For Garfield- Live from the Borg Ward, 11/18/13

  21. Tea is for Pussies (Live from The Borg Ward, 9/15/12)

  22. Cake by the Pound by Soup Moat by Phoned Nil Trio (bye Joe Smith) - Live from The Borg Ward, 9/7/12

  23. Meeting #1- Mugging is DEFINITELY a sin, jerks
    Phoned Nil Gospel Quartet Trio Hour of Power Bible Study Group

  24. Hard hats, bloody undies and a sword- Live from the Borg Ward (3/3/12)

  25. We start by introducing a pervert and end with a spinning bear head- Live at the Borg Ward, 12/9/11

  26. The Silk Chalky Boy's Chest LIVE (9/24/2011 at the Milwaukee Noise Fest)

  27. Know one nos at The Borg Ward (7/19//11)

  28. Birthday Boners at the Borg Ward- 4/19/2011

  29. Weird Wiffs at the Borg Ward (3/2/11)


Phoned Nil Trio Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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